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Effective annual instruction


Safety first - effective annual training for workplace safety

Our annual training is an indispensable part of your occupational health and safety program. Through regular training in accordance with the latest occupational health and safety regulations (DGUV), we ensure that your employees are always informed about current safety standards and that risks in the workplace are minimized. Meet your legal obligations while ensuring a safe working environment for your team.
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Procedure of the annual instruction according to DGUV

For course participants, the annual training begins with a welcome and introduction, followed by a presentation on current safety standards and best practices. They then have the opportunity to ask questions and take part in interactive discussions. After practical exercises to apply what they have learned, the training ends with a summary and clarification of any unanswered questions.

The advantages of annual training

Annual training offers numerous benefits: it informs employees about current safety standards, reduces accidents and injuries in the workplace, meets legal requirements and minimizes liability risks for companies. In addition, the training courses enable the exchange of experiences and suggestions for improvement to optimize occupational safety and create a safer working environment and improved employee well-being overall.

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Frequently asked questions about annual instruction

The topics of an annual briefing include current safety standards and best practices. These include areas such as fire protection, first aid, hazardous substances, health and safety regulations and accident prevention.

Yes, employees are required to attend annual training sessions to keep up to date with relevant safety standards and procedures and to refresh their knowledge.

Failure to provide annual training can lead to breaches of health and safety regulations and increase the risk of accidents in the workplace. Employers should ensure that all employees regularly attend the required training.

Participation in an annual training course is usually documented by signing attendance lists or certificates of attendance issued by the training provider or the employer.