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Professional telescopic forklift training
for safe working at any height


Safety and expertise with our telescopic forklift training in accordance with DGUV 308-009

Our professional training program not only provides you with the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical experience to handle telescopic handlers safely and efficiently. Our experienced training team will guide you through all relevant topics and prepare you comprehensively for the challenges of everyday work.
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Telescopic forklift training procedure

Our training includes a structured course that combines theoretical instruction with practical exercises. Participants receive a comprehensive introduction to theoretical principles and are then trained in practical driving and safety exercises. At the end, they take tests to obtain their telescopic forklift license. Our training enables participants to handle telescopic handlers safely and efficiently and improve their career prospects.

Discover the benefits of telescopic forklift training

Telescopic forklift training offers numerous benefits for companies and individuals. Through the training, participants gain the knowledge and skills required to operate telehandlers safely and efficiently. This not only contributes to safety in the workplace, but also to reducing accidents and damage. In addition, the training enables participants to increase their productivity. Our experienced training management and practice-oriented teaching methods ensure high-quality training that offers participants real added value.

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Frequently asked questions about telescopic forklift training

Telescopic handler training is important to ensure that people operating telescopic handlers have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate these machines safely and efficiently. Proof of qualification is required by law.

The validity period for successful telescopic forklift training is five years. After this period, participants must complete the training again, and it is important to plan refresher training in good time to ensure safety in the workplace and to meet legal requirements.

Overall, the training courses are specifically tailored to the characteristics and requirements of each type of machine to ensure that participants gain the knowledge and skills they need to operate them safely.

Since 2016, the operator's certificate has been mandatory for working with telescopic forklifts in accordance with the DGUV. A normal forklift license is therefore no longer sufficient as proof of qualification.