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Professional forklift training
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Learn all about safe forklift driving in our forklift training course in accordance with DGUV 308-001 and DGUV regulation 68

In our forklift truck training course, you will receive comprehensive training in accordance with DGUV principle 308-001 and DGUV regulation 68. Our experienced instructors will provide you with qualified knowledge in both theory and practice. Join our course and become a competent specialist in handling front loaders.
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Operator training procedure

Our operator training for front loaders offers a structured course that combines theoretical instruction with practical exercises. Participants learn driving techniques, safety checks and are prepared for theoretical and practical tests. Our training ensures the safe and efficient operation of forklift trucks.

Experience the benefits of our practical training for forklift trucks

Our operator training for forklift trucks offers numerous benefits for your company. Comprehensive training content not only provides your employees with the necessary knowledge for the safe operation of forklift trucks, but also efficient operating and driving techniques. This not only contributes to safety in the workplace and reduces the risk of accidents, but also increases productivity and efficiency in the company. Training also demonstrates your commitment to the safety and development of your employees, which in the long term translates into reduced costs, improved work processes and a stronger corporate image.

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Frequently asked questions about front loader operator training

In Germany, operator training for forklift trucks is mandatory. In accordance with DGUV Regulation 68 and DGUV Principle 308-001, employers must ensure that their employees who operate forklift trucks have received appropriate training and instruction. The training is intended to ensure that operators have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate forklift trucks safely and avoid accidents.

Yes, the operator training for forklift trucks is valid for five years. After this period, the training must be completed again in order to maintain the ability to operate forklift trucks safely.

Yes, you can also have the operator training for front loaders recognized by us as refresher training.