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Professional IPAF training for
Safe working on work platforms


Safe operation of work platforms -
IPAF training for maximum efficiency and safety

Our IPAF training offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the safe handling of work platforms. With the IPAF certificate as recognized proof of qualification, you can increase your productivity and improve safety in the workplace at the same time.
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Procedure of the
IPAF training

The IPAF training course lasts one day and comprises theoretical and practical sections. In the theoretical part, safety regulations and legal requirements are explained, while in the practical part the safe handling of work platforms is practiced. The training ends with a theoretical and practical examination to obtain the IPAF certificate.

Discover the advantages of our
IPAF training

IPAF training offers a wide range of benefits. It is recognized worldwide and has been developed by leading industry experts. Through the training, participants gain in-depth knowledge of the safe operation of MEWPs, which prevents accidents and ensures health and safety in the workplace. They meet legal requirements and regulations and improve their skills, resulting in more efficient working practices and increased productivity. Overall, IPAF training promotes safety, efficiency and professional development.

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Frequently asked questions about IPAF training

We have been an active member of the IPAF association since 2010. This association represents the interests of manufacturers and rental companies of access platforms. As an IPAF training center, we train our customers in the operation of aerial work platforms in accordance with the IPAF training program.

This training program for aerial work platform operators was developed by leading industry experts. It is certified by the German TÜV in accordance with ISO 18878:2004 Mobile elevating work platform operator (driver) training and complies with DGUVG 30/008 (formerly BGG 966).

Yes, the IPAF certificate must be renewed every five years to ensure that operators have up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Yes, the IPAF training course at Mayer Arbeitsbühnen can also be recognized as refresher training.

Unlike general MEWP training, IPAF training offers a standardized training program that is recognized worldwide. The training includes comprehensive theoretical and practical content specifically tailored to the operation of MEWPs, including safety regulations, legal requirements, risk management and emergency procedures.